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Over 60 Singles – Passive and Active Listening

Listening is part of having good communication skills. When it comes to listening, there are two major types: the passive and the active. Nevertheless, between the two, active listening is better to be used when talking to others. Passive listening is not bad, yet, it should only be used when you at most want to hear what is being said and to understand it.

Active listening skills are essential especially whilst on a date. You need not only to hear what your date has to say but also to understand it. You need to do this to generate a proper response. Active listening is effective to show that you are interested in the conversation. Active listening also involves non-verbal cues such as leaning forward, nodding and making eye contact. Use active listening to establish a deeper connection to someone by making the person feel that you are interested. Tell the person that you are focused on the conversation through non-verbal cues.

On the other hand, passive listening lacks non-verbal cues. Though they look like they are interested in the conversation, they only hear the words but do not fully understand what is being said. They may be thinking about other things such as problems at work, other ideas or their own emotions. It can be insulting to know that they are not giving much thought about what you have said. Due to this, in order to be truthful in a conversation, you need to validate what your date has said by giving feedback or encouraging them to speak more about it.

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